Kirstenhof Primary has a dynamic Foundation Phase Department. We have three Grade R classes, four Grade 1 classes, four Grade 2 classes and four Grade 3 classes.


We teach according to the CAPS System (Curriculum Assessments Policy Statements) using innovative approaches and integrating learning in meaningful ways. In each Grade, the teachers work very closely together. Grade planning sessions occur weekly for collaboration. The teachers receive regular in service training and endeavour to keep up with developments in education.


At Kirstenhof Primary we have a reading programme which is designed by our teachers to promote the quick learning of reading and high frequency sight words in Grade 1. Once learners can read some words, each student is placed onto an Individual Reading Programme (IRP). The learners progress through reading levels according to their reading ability, fluency and comprehension skills.

Reading and Mathematics are taught in small groups. This helps learners to work and learn according to their ability and to receive more individual attention. 


We have a well-equipped Resource Centre with updated books, teaching apparatus and educational games.

The Foundation Phase learners receive specialist teaching for Art, Music, Computers, Library, General Sports and Swimming. We are fortunate to have 2 Learnerships per Grade to assist the teachers in the classrooms.

We teach using well-thought-out themes, which are relevant and interesting to the learners, so as to keep the children engaged.


The learners go on at least 2 Outings a year. These outings are related and relevant to what is being learnt in the classroom.

In Grade 1 learners go to “Building Blocks” twice a week. These are structured lessons in small groups which create opportunities for learning through practical experiences.


We are fortunate at Kirstenhof Primary to have Remedial and Mini-School support for learners who may need extra input to assist with their learning. We also have a Speech and Language Therapist, an Occupational Therapist and a Counsellor available for learners requiring support.

At Kirstenhof Primary we have an extensive extra-mural programme which consists of sporting and cultural opportunities, some of which provide for enrichments and extension activities.