Learning is a treasure which will follow its owner everywhere


The main focus in every classroom at Kirstenhof Primary School is LEARNING. We see learning as far more than imparting knowledge onto children. The children are always the centre of our focus and as a school we strive to influence children’s attitudes towards learning. The aim is to develop a desire and passion within them towards educating themselves and believe they will therefore enjoy their primary school years more.


We endeavour to equip children with the necessary skills required to thrive in the diverse world in which we live today, where critical and independent thinking, creative problem solving, and working with relevant content are essential. The teachers at Kirstenhof Primary School are passionate, innovative and creative in their approach towards presenting lessons. They constantly encourage and celebrate collaboration and communication. They ensure that the children are fully engaged in relevant content, encouraging creative problem solving and critical thinking. Lessons are designed to continually challenge and grow these skills throughout the school.


Along with learning these essential skills, we focus on other forms of learning that the staff at Kirstenhof Primary School deem valuable. We select a new ‘theme of learning’ each term, in which all children participate. Some of the ‘learning themes’ we focus on are: responsibility at home and in the classroom, respect for yourself and others, friendship within existing groups and developing new friends, leading in the classroom and on the sports field, team work within the classroom and in our school House system, courage to have an opinion and standing up for what you believe in, as well as discovering your personal excellence and striving to attain it.

Every teacher at Kirstenhof Primary School promotes LEARNING in their classrooms. The children enjoy a warm and welcoming atmosphere that celebrates discovering new ways of learning by creative problem solving, collaboration and communication.

We believe that creating opportunities for children to learn and communicate develops these skills and creates children who have a passion for learning, enjoy coming to school and have the necessary skills required to thrive in an ever changing world.