“Happiness doesn’t result from what we get, but from what we give” – Ben Carson

Kirstenhof Primary School believes strongly in being a community school and giving back to those in need. We recognise the importance which empathy and compassion plays in the development of well-rounded individuals. We therefore encourage children to donate to various causes and charities throughout the year.

At Easter, we collect marshmallow Easter Eggs and deliver them to local disadvantaged schools. At Christmas, we participate in the big Santa Shoebox collection. The school also puts up a Christmas Tree with “wishes” from the animals at Tears and children are encouraged to bring donations of toys, food and blankets for the homeless cats and dogs.

Kirstenhof Primary is also involved in a number of smaller fundraising efforts for charities throughout the year. We have supported Tekkie Tex Day, Reach for a Dream Slipper Day, and Blind Buddy Day. We hold a civvies day each term and the money raised is donated to a selected charity.

Our Interact Team meets regularly, identifies the needs of the local area and does work for both animal shelters, children’s homes and hospitals. They have been involved in collecting toiletries for St Joseph’s Children’s Home, sorting clothes for Victoria Hospital and walking the dogs at Tears.

Our Grade Sevens are actively involved in various organisations. They often entertain the elderly with singing and dancing and at the end of each year participate in the great Christmas Pudding Mix. These delicious puddings are then delivered to a variety of organisations to be sold during the festive season.