Education is all about growth. At KPS we try to give balance to the various elements of growth required in order for our children to become whole adults.

Kirstenhof Primary  provides as many avenues as  possible for children to grow, pursue their interests and to be extended. There are a large number of sports on offer and we strongly encourage that each child is involved in a team sport. The music department is constantly growing and drama is a shining nugget of creativity. There are also a number of clubs which can be enjoyed.

As you explore the options in this section of the web page you will find something of interest to each child. There is an expectation that children are involved in the life of the school as they look for opportunities to grow.

Most of these opportunities are provided free of charge, there are however a number of activities provided by external service providers who charge a participation fee. Media club and art club are internal clubs which charge a nominal fee.