Kirstenhof is blessed to have a dedicated and motivated staff. A blend of youth and rare experience. Each of them have been tasked with implementing the best possible, constantly improving, systems in their classrooms, to take each child’s progress personally and to live excellently.
Staff emails provided on this page are provided to ensure effective communication. Please use this form of communication whenever possible, but be aware that teachers very often are only able to respond after school or the next morning as they are engaged with the children for the majority of the day.


Grade R

Mrs T Buckley

Mrs P Dwyer

Mrs J Wilson

Mrs L Birch

Miss A Galant

Gr. R Assistant


Grade 1

Miss J Charles

Mrs S Lambrick

Miss N Theunissen

Mrs B Oldham

Grade 2

Mrs M Coyne

Miss L Sturrock

Miss K van Strijp

Mrs C Sternberg

Grade 3

Miss M Duminy

Mrs D Langford

Mrs S Perry

Miss L Shaw

Grade 4

Mr B Anderson

Mrs L Evans

Mrs L Hilder

Mrs D White

Grade 5

Mrs K Hendry

Mr G Ingpen

Mr D Gray

Mrs N Wright

Grade 6

Mrs S Brorson

Miss L Fisher

Mr S Louw

Mr M Tarr

Grade 7

Mr R Coulter

Miss D Croome

Mrs H Goodchild

Mr D Wilson

Specialist Staff

Miss S Maham


Mrs D Winterburn

Art – Grades 1 & 2

Miss W de Kock

Miss J Fisher

Mrs M Kleyn

Mrs C Larkin

Art – Grades 3-7

Mrs M Horn

Building Blocks – Grade 1

Mrs L Burchell-Burger

Miss J Blackshaw

Ms O Stanton

Music – part-time

Mr L Thuynsma

Music – part-time

Mr T Clarke

Mrs H Erlangsen

Mrs Van der Leer

Mrs C Arton-Powell

Counsellor – FP & IP

Mrs I Richter

Front Office Secretary

Mr F van Vuuren

Sports Administrator

Mr S Payne

Mrs H Donnelly

Mrs L Haupt

Financial Assistant

Mrs S Hill

Principal’s Secretary

Mrs N Thoms

Credit Controller

Mrs C Valkenburg

Mr G Hilder


Mrs C King


Mrs C Saner


Mrs L Brown



Miss A Clayton

Intern – Foundation Phase

Miss B Postings

Intern – Foundation Phase

Miss K Hendry

Intern – Foundation Phase

Miss C Taylor

Intern – Foundation Phase

Miss B Marais

Intern – Foundation Phase

Mrs A Burger

Intern – Intermediate Phase

Miss L Pollecutt

Intern – Foundation Phase

Miss K van Oordt

Intern – Intermediate Phase

Mr J Philp

Intern – Intermediate Phase

Mr L Sompontsha

Intern – Intermediate Phase