Kirstenhof Primary has a complete range of school uniform. The school believes very strongly that children should wear the correct uniform and wear it with pride. The uniform has recently been updated reflecting a more modern look which emphasises comfort and instils the values of the school.

The uniform is detailed below and all non-generic items may be bought at the school Clothing Shop.

Girls Summer

  • Blue KPS dress
  • White socks

Girls Winter 

  • White KPS blouse
  • Navy KPS skirt
  • Blue stockings or blue KPS socks

Boys Summer

  • Grey shorts
  • White, open neck, short sleeved shirt with the KPS badge
  • Blue school socks

Boys Winter

  • Grey shorts or long pants
  • Long sleeved shirt with a KPS tie


  • Black shoes are worn year round.
  • The school jersey can be worn year round.
  • The KPS tracksuit is a required uniform item for Gr 1 – 3 children, as it is regularly worn during the school day.
  • The school golf shirt and shorts/skort is required for Physical education or Ball Skills.
  • Various items are required for specific sports. Please note the detailed communication in the school diary